Loose Diamonds & Gemstones

Georgetown Jewelers is your Antwerp Diamond connection!  Every year, we travel to Antwerp, Belgium, the Diamond Capital of the World to hand select diamonds for our clients.  Visit our Antwerp Diamonds page for more information.

We carry an extensive selection of loose diamonds of various shapes and sizes, with grading reports from GIA's grading lab. This allows us to work with you on selecting the perfect diamond for your engagement ring at a very competitive price.  Search our Diamonds here.

Visit us in store to view our stunning collection of loose diamonds. If we don't have the perfect diamond in-store, we will find it through a vast network of diamond distributors who are very trusted in the industry.

With a Graduate Gemologist on staff, we verify the quality of each gemstone to ensure that you only get the most beautiful diamond within your budget. We have GIA trained staff that can answer any questions that you may have, whether it is how diamonds are formed, or the best setting options for a particular gemstone. Come in to our store and we can walk you through the process of selecting a loose diamond, explaining the Four Cs and showing loose diamonds under our gemstone specific microscope. You will be impressed with our expertise and constantly changing selection.

In addition to loose diamonds, we also have a selection of colored gemstones in stock, and local lapidaries that can provide us with colored gems to fit your needs. Whether you need the perfect color sapphire to replace the missing gem in your grandmother's ring, or several matched gems for your custom design project, we can provide them for you. Beyond the most common gems such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, we also have access to some of the lesser know gemstones such as tourmaline, apatite, and morganite which are growing in popularity. A rainbow of gemstones are available, and we are ready to find the perfect one for you.