Real Proposal Story: Kelsey & Matt

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 10:07 pm by Georgetown

After Matt joked with Liz that he didn't want to pull the 'corny mountaintop proposal' {and she informed him that was how she had been proposed to... 😂}, we both got a good laugh after Matt sent her this text... "I popped the question and Kelsey said yes! Guess where I proposed... corny place on the top of Keystone Mountain in Colorado!"

After trying on styles with Kelsey and her mom, Liz had the opportunity to work with Matt to create this custom platinum ring combining all the elements she loved.  The secret of this ring... we incorporated rubies from a senitimental ring from Kelsey's grandmother's ring into the gallery of the ring.  Matt had a family diamond to feature in the center and, in an unexpected coincidence, the diamond from Matt's family holds an included ruby crystal!

Location: Keystone Mountain, Colorado

Ring: Georgetown Jewelers