Peridot - August Birthstone

Posted on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 at 11:49 am by Georgetown

Peridot is one of the most mysterious gems in the world. Its reputation comes from its fiery volcanic origin. Peridot derives its name from the Arabic word “feridat,” which in translation, simply means “gem.” In times of antiquity, it was believed that Peridot had a tendency to glow in the dark; for this reason, it was often mined at night. To add to 


Peridot’s many mysteries, it is worth mentioning that people in times past used to attribute many healing powers to this wonderful gem. For example, it was believed that Peridot can cure asthma or holding it under a tongue can lessen the thirst of a person suffering from a high fever. We would not recommend relieving your fever by keeping Peridot under your tongue, but we would recommend admiring this wonderful gem. Peridot is loved by many for its unmistakable green color that ranges from olive-green to a more vibrant lighter shade of green. Peridot is truly one-of-a-kind gem that deserves a place in your jewelry box - especially if your birthday is in August.