How to Take Care of your Gemstones

Posted on Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at 12:44 pm by Georgetown


Not all gemstones are created equal. Their worth is not the only way in which they differ. One of the starkest, yet unseen, differences that separate most gemstones is their molecular structure. Based on their molecular composition, some gemstones are very hard, while others are soft and porous. Knowing these differences, will dictate the certain ways in which the gemstones can be cleaned.

Some of the hardest gemstones are diamonds, rubies and sapphires. They are not porous; hence, they can withstand most types of cleaners, even ammonia-based ones. Likewise, you may to be less careful when selecting the brush that you can use to clean your diamond or sapphire. Though it is possible to crack or even break the above-mentioned gemstones, it is rather unlikely to do serious damage to them.

Most semi-precious gemstones like turquoise, opal, and jade are much softer and are also porous. You have to exercise caution while cleaning these semi-precious gemstones as they can absorb chemicals and water, which in turn can change their color and make them lose brilliance. The safest way to clean your semi-precious gemstones is with a soft damp cloth. This way you can be assured you will not damage your gemstone in any way. As mentioned in previous blog entries, it is good practice to separate your jewelry while storing it. To prevent soft gemstones from being scratched, the hard gemstones like diamonds should be stored separately away from the soft ones.

To save your time and effort, you can come in to Georgetown Jewelrs for a professional jewelry cleaning. To emphasise the beaty of your jewelry, we can also polish it to give it that "brand new" look. You will appreciate your jewelry even more after it has been cleaned  by our knowledgeable staff and in timely fashion.

Get to know your gemstones, make yourself familiar with the cleaning routine that will be effective and safe for your gemstones if you decide to clean them in your home environment. Having done that, you will ensure your ability to pass down your precious gemstones in great shape to the younger generations.